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標題: 煉鋼脫硫製程中KR溫差條件下之結構應力應變解析與最佳化設計研究
Stress and Strain Analysis Due to Temperature Effects on KR (Kambara Reactor)Impeller Application to Steel Industry
作者: 林彥廷
Lin, Yen-Ting
關鍵字: steel;鋼鐵;KR;desulfurization;anchor;KR;脫硫;錨固件
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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目前新式的脫硫技術KR (Kambara Reactor) 法,其脫硫效率高達85%以上,但由於作業脫硫回數壽命僅約180回左右,因此對其壽命降低之因素急需進行探討研究,由於KR作業時受熱應力影響造成外部耐火材料之攪拌葉片破裂,使高溫鐵水滲入內部燒熔錨固件,導致KR提前下線,因此本研究以有限元素分析方法進行鐵水內流場、KR攪拌器熱傳以及結構應力應變模擬分析,獲得KR攪拌器於多回合脫硫作業下,攪拌葉片與內部錨固件承受高溫之應力應變情況,加以探討KR作用壽命降低之因子,並建議以最佳化分析找出提升使用壽命之設計。

In modern technology, the demand of high performance and high value steel products has increased drastically. This leads the progress on the technologies of steel refinement and develops many state of the art manufacturing processes on producing high quality steels. In general, the reducing sulfur content is the key factor in steel refining processes and the quality of the steel product always rely on the drastic reduction of the sulfur content in steel. Usually, desulfurization is performed through the use of Torpedo vehicle or the use of the injection desulfurization. However, due to its high standard on the sulfur content of high quality steel, the above mention methods have come obsolete.
Recently, a novel technology of desulfurization called “Kambara Reactor” (KR) method has been used to perform the desulfurization and the efficiency of this method reaches more than 85%. Although the KR method is the better method used for desulfurization, its lifetime was limited to around 180 times during normal operation. In order to increase the life cycle and reduce the cost. The factors cause the decreasing of lifetime on KR is worth to discuss. In particular, the refractory materials of outer impeller ring will fracture due to effects such as thermal shock when operating using KR method, therefore will cause the hot molten iron penetrate into the inner core of the KR and destroy the anchor. This paper presents the work summarized the analysis of fluid field, thermal conduction and structure using finite element method (FEM) simulation.
The results help us to obtain the stress-strain relation on impeller and internal anchor of KR impeller under room and high temperature environment during its operation in multicycles desulfurization.
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