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dc.description.abstractMultistable mechanisms, which provide multi stable equilibrium positions within its operation range, can be adopted to design systems with power efficiency and kinematic versatility, oftentimes two conflicting goals. Multistable compliant mechanisms have attracted more and more attention in recent years. Two new specified multistable compliant mechanisms are developed in this dissertation: a compliant quadristable mechanism and a constant-force bistable mechanism. Finite element analyses are used to characterize the behavior of these multistable mechanisms under static loading. A design formulation is proposed to synthesize the shape and size of these specified compliant mechanisms. Millimeter scale polyoxymethylene prototypes of them are fabricated and tested. The characteristics of these mechanisms predicted by theory are verified by experiments. The design examples presented in this investigation demonstrates the effectiveness of the optimization approach for the design of the multistable compliant mechanism. The proposed mechanisms have no movable joint and gain their mobility from the deflection of flexible members. These compliant mechanisms have the ease of miniaturization and offer a significant advantage in the fabrication of micro actuators, micro sensors and microelectromechanical systems.en_US
dc.description.tableofcontentsTABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT i ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ii TABLE OF CONTENTS iii LIST OF FIGURES v LIST OF TABLES viii NOMENCLATURE ix CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION 1 1.1 Motivation 1 1.2 Contributions 2 1.3 Literature Review 3 1.3.1 Compliant Mechanism 3 1.3.2 Bistable micromechanism 4 1.3.3 Multistable mechanism 5 1.3.4 Contant-force bistable mechanism 6 1.3.5 Actuation methods of multistable mechanisms 8 1.4 Dissertation Layout 9 CHAPTER 2 DESIGN OF A BISTABLE MECHANISM 11 2.1 Design 12 2.1.1 Operational principle 12 2.1.2 Modeling 13 2.1.3 Analysis 15 2.2 Fabrication and Testing 19 2.2.1 Fabrication 19 2.2.2 Testing 20 2.3 Results and Discussions 20 2.4 Summary 23 CHAPTER 3 DESIGN OF A QUADRISTABLE COMPLIANT MECHANISM 41 3.1 Design 42 3.1.1 Operational principle 43 3.1.2 Design 46 3.1.3 Optimization 49 3.2 Fabrication and Testing 53 3.3 Results and Discussions 54 3.4 Summary 58 CHAPTER 4 DESIGN OF A CONSTANT-FORCE BISTABLE MECHANISM 75 4.1 Design 75 4.1.1 Operational principle 77 4.1.2 Design 78 4.1.3 Optimization 83 4.2 Fabrication and Testing 85 4.3 Results and Discussions 85 4.4 Summary 88 CHAPTER 5 CONCLUSIONS AND FUTURE WORK 100 5.1 Conclusions 100 5.2 Future work 101 Bibliographies 103 Publications during Ph.D. studies 115en_US
dc.subjectconstant-force bistableen_US
dc.subjectmultistable mechanismsen_US
dc.titleDesign and Analysis of Multistable Compliant Mechanismsen_US
dc.typeThesis and Dissertationzh_TW
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