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標題: 可變焦式紫外光固化系統之光學設計與開發
Optical Design and Development for Focus-Variable UV Curing System
作者: 陳孟詮
Chen, Meng-Chuan
關鍵字: UV curing;紫外光固化;Focus-Variable;UV LED;Optical System;變焦;UV LED;光學系統
出版社: 精密工程學系所
引用: [1] [2] [3] [4] 趙 歡,“LED陣列型紫外固化光源系
紫外光固化技術已經在世界上發展逾50 年,目前已經是應用最為廣泛的一種輻射固化技術,也是世界各國極力發展的項目,然而國內對此發展相對落後,且多數目前還是採用傳統紫外光高壓汞燈的固化方式,再者,傳統紫外光高壓汞燈缺點頗多,例如:波長範圍寬、啟動時間長、耗能及不環保…等等,針對此問題,因而本論文提出了一可變焦UV LED 空間環形陣列固化光學系統的概念,選定工作距離為145mm 及330mm,成功模擬出照度均齊度達80%以上的結果,達成了可變焦之目標。
另外亦針對市面上之UV 固化產品進行了反射片效果的研究,研究發現反射片確實能夠改善光的發散程度,並在本研究中,得到反射片在角度為25°時,具有最大平均照度,而在角度為35°時,可達到最佳光利用率。

UV curing has been developed more than 50 years in the world. It is the most extensive radiation curing technology at present, but it is also a target to be strongly developed around the world. However, the development is relatively weak in our country, and most of them are still using the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp. Furthermore, the traditional high-pressure mercury lamp has many disadvantages. For this problem, this paper put forward an exploratory design on focus-variable UV curing optical system with LED ring array. We select focal length of 145mm and 330mm, and then successfully achieve the uniformity of illumination more than 80% and reach the goal of focus-variable function.
In addition, we study the influence of the reflector for UV curing system in market. We found reflector can really improve the divergence of light. In this study, when the angle of the reflector is 25°, the system can have the maximum illumination. Also the light efficiency can achieve optimal utilization of light, as the angle is 35°.
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