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標題: 尺度效應下金屬薄膜在槳型懸臂樑動態響應之行為與材料機械性質之探討
Study on the mechanical behavior of thin metal film using dynamic response of paddle cantilever beam
作者: 陳冠綸
Chen, Guan-Lun
關鍵字: Internal friction;薄膜機械行為;Mechanical behavior of thin films;Dynamic response;動態響應;內耗
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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本實驗以真空系統搭配電容值量測方法及靜電力驅動方式,探討黏附於矽基板上之金屬薄膜材料動態響應行為與材料機械性質。實驗量測所使用之薄膜載具是一可產生均勻應力分佈之新型微槳型結構樑(Paddle cantilever),因此可提高量測結果的準確性。研究中以靜電力施加負載於量測試件上並利用電容值的改變量獲得試件之形變量,之後結合力學理論進而測得薄膜材料之機械性質。此實驗使用自由衰減的方式對不同厚度之銀薄膜內耗之結果並驗證懸臂樑結構用於此振動量測之可行性與準確性。

Over this experiment, we studied the dynamic response behavior and material mechanical properties of metal thin films by combining the capacitance measurement method and the static electric drive system, installing both into the vacuum chamber,
The film carrier (micro-paddle-type structure beam) is specifically designed for experiments. When the sample is bending, the stress generates by uniform distribution. Therefore, it can improve the accuracy of measurement results.
Applying load with static electricity and changes in capacitance measured to obtain the displacement of the specimen. This experiment uses a free decay mode, while the resonant mode of silver thin films of different thicknesses measures internal friction and verifies the exclusive designed structure suitable for the vibration measurements.
其他識別: U0005-1908201117074700
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