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標題: 可攜無閥蠕動式微泵浦製作與分析
Fabrication and Analysis of Portable Valve-less Peristaltic Micropump
作者: 胡竣傑
Hu, Chun-Chieh
關鍵字: peristaltic;蠕動式;micropump;piezoelectric;polydimethylsiloxane;微泵浦;壓電片;聚二甲基矽氧烷
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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This thesis is to describe a method for fabricating a peristaltic micro-pump. First, photolithography process is used in MEMS technology to fabricate a micro-pump mold. PDMS molding and PDMS bonding method are used to fabricate a micro-channel and an actuator chamber. Second, a portable drive controller is designed to control three PZT actuators in proper sequence to drive the chamber membrane. After that, all parts are integrated into a portable valve-less peristaltic micropump system. In this thesis, the JSR mold including a micro-channel and an actuator chamber is fabricated by the multi-layer coating technology. By using PDMS molding technology to fabricate a micro-channel and an actuator chamber, it can reduce process time and cost. Then, the PDMS mold was bonded on the PDMS coated glass at temperature 100℃. The maximum flow rate of the micropump is about 365µl/min at 50 Hz, when the voltage is 24V.
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