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標題: 半導體設備之線性傳動系統研究
Study on the linear transmission system of semiconductor equipments
作者: 蘇家威
Su, Chia-Wei
關鍵字: linear motor;線性馬達;laser interferometer;雷射干涉儀
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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線性傳動系統為各科學領域中被廣泛應用之系統,但在不同的應用端所選擇之線性傳動系統也大不相同;本論文中主要探討為半導體設備之線性傳動系統,再各線性傳動系統比較後,選用低發塵性、高速度、高反應之線性馬達組成X-Y stage,並搭配高解析度之驅動器,以世界上較為主流之NI運動控制軸卡進行系統整合與控制。除了利用VC++之MFC程式撰寫其X-Y stage各功能外,並以本論文所組成之運動控制平台,利用雷射干涉儀及千分表進行量測,本系統之已達精度5 μm、重現性1 μm、直線度小於2 μm、平面度小於4 μm、平坦度4 μm及平行度4 μm。目前市面上已販售之半導體後製程平台其精度為5 μm、重現性±0.5 μm、直線度小於4 μm、平面度小於7 μm、平坦度4 μm及平行度4 μm。本論文所研發之線性傳動系統已成功驗證出本論文所組成之X-Y stage運動平台於各方面性能皆能取代市面上所販售之半導體後製程設備平台如晶圓切割機,不僅性能上較為優越外,成本上更有效降低約15 % - 20 %,提供國內研製X-Y stage平台之公司更具銷售競爭力。

Linear transmission system is used in many applications of technology, but the different applications that choose the linear transmission are different. This study focuses on linear transmission of semiconductor equipments. After many linear transmissions are compared, the linear motor with the lowest amount of dust, high speed and high response is used to make the X-Y stage, and the motor drivers with the highest dot per inch is used. Collocating the NI motion control card is the most popular way to make the motion control system. This system uses the VC++ MFC software to control the motion system function and uses the laser instrument to gauge dimensions. The device can provide the accuracy to 5 μm, repeatability of 1 μm, flatness to less than 4 μm, straightness to less than 2 μm, parallelism of 4 μm and orthogonal of 10 arc-sec. The X-Y stage of semiconductor equipments compared within the business industry has been sold with that of accuracy at 5 μm, repeatability ±0.5 μm, flatness to less than 7 μm, straightness to less than 4 μm, parallelism is 4 μm and orthogonal of 8 arc-sec. This motion system has been verified with the high performance is compared with that of the X-Y stage of semiconductor equipments in the business industry. It also provides the lower cost about 15%-20% than the comparable system. In conclusion, we suggested that the linear transmission semiconductor equipments is better than the other brand''s product and increases the X-Y stage competitiveness of Taiwan''s company.
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