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標題: 建構一新穎之微拉伸試驗機制以量測次微米尺度薄膜材料之機械行為
Design and develop a novel microtensile apparatus to measure the mechanical properties of thin films
作者: 江忠勳
Jiang, Jung-Shiun
關鍵字: Piezoactuator;壓電致動器;LVDT Load cell;線性電壓差動變壓荷重計
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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In this research, we present a novel designed microtensile testing apparatus that is capable of measuring the mechanical properties of free-standing thin film materials. Its unique sensor beam design causes stress and stain of the materials to be obtained directly and accurately. We also develop a new fabrication method by using the electroplating method to increase the sample fabricate success rate and yield. In addition, we also eliminate the loading misalignment problem of the previous microtensile testing. We have found the mechanical properties (Young s modulus, yield stress) of copper and gold thin films by using this system.
其他識別: U0005-1508200610222300
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