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標題: 以四角錐微結構提高導光板亮度製程研究
Manufacturing Process Study of High Brightness Light-Guide Plate Using Pyramid Microstructures
作者: 程偉烜
Cheng, Wei-Hsuan
關鍵字: TFT-LCD;薄膜液晶顯示器;back light module;light guide plate;micro tapered structure;micro pyramid structure;背光模組;導光板;四角錐
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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本論文研究開發錐狀微結構製程,以期應用於高亮度導光板製造技術。利用凹透鏡改變曝光機入射光的角度,控制曝光劑量於光阻中,以成型出四角錐柱微結構,並將其應用在導光板製造技術上。比較之前的研究成果,指出圓錐柱微結構應用在導光板上效果比商業用導光板佳。進一步將四角錐柱陣列之導光板實際置入背光模組中,並透過Trace Pro光學模擬。由實驗與模擬的結果發現,四角錐柱的輝度表現比圓錐柱好,得以應用於高亮度之導光板製作。

This thesis aims to develop micro-pyramid array fabrication process for high brightness light-guide plate application. It utilized a concave lens to reflect the incident light in lithography process and controls the exposure dosage in photoresist. Micro-pyramid array in photoresist is then developed onto the substrate. Comparing with previous research, a better performance than commercial products. Optical simulation using commercial code Trace Pro showing micro-pyramid array has a better performance than micro-tapered array. Than micro-pyramid array in light-guide plate was apply to back-lighting modules, the experimental results showing a higher brightness using micro-pyramid array were achieved.
其他識別: U0005-1807200615441800
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