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標題: Photovoltaic properties of the polymer solar cells comprising crosslinked maleimide polymers and fullerene-derivative PCBM
作者: Lee, Rong-Ho
Syu, Jhih-Yang
Huang, Jian-Lun
關鍵字: cross-linked conjugated polymer;maleimide polymer;photovoltaic property;polymer solar cell
出版社: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Project: Polymers for Advanced Technologies, Volume 22, Issue 12, Page(s) 2110-2122.
A series of crosslinkable maleimide conjugated polymers with different vinyl group contents as side-chain crosslinking sites have been synthesized by the Suzuki coupling reaction. Polymer solar cells (PSCs) were fabricated based on an interpenetrating net
ISSN: 1042-7147
DOI: 10.1002/pat.1730
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