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標題: Synthesis of quaternized ammonium iodide-containing conjugated polymer electrolytes and their application in dye-sensitized solar cells
作者: Lee, Rong-Ho
Liu, Jene-Ku
Ho, Jhu-Heng
Chang, Jhih-Wei
Liu, Bo-Tau
Wang, Hsing-Ju
Jeng, Ru-Jong
關鍵字: dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC);conjugated polymer electrolyte;photovoltaic properties;photo-conversion efficiency
出版社: Society of Chemical Industry
Project: Polymer International, Volume 60, Issue 3, Page(s) 483-492.
A series of conjugated polymer electrolytes (CPEs) comprising fluorene/carbazole or thiophene/carbazole backbones with quaternized ammonium iodide groups were synthesized and used in polymer solution and polymer gel electrolytes in dyesensitized solar cel
ISSN: 0959-8103
DOI: 10.1002/pi.2972
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