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標題: 氮化鎵發光二極體失效分析之研究
Failure Analysis of GaN Light-Emitting Diodes
作者: 程于任
Cheng, Yu -Jen
關鍵字: leakage current;漏電流;working voltage;low brightness;metallic pad different color;cutting badly;displacement;metallic pad peeling;unable to wire-bonding;工作電壓;亮度不夠;金屬墊顏色異常;切割不良;排列不整;金屬墊剝落;無法打線
出版社: 精密工程學系所
引用: [1] 林昭穎, 韓偉國, 工業材料雜誌, 208期, 新竹, (2004). [2] 劉如熹, 王健源, “白光發光二極體製作技術”, 全華科技圖書, 臺北, (2001). [3] 林志勳, 工業材料雜誌, 203期, 新竹, (2003). [4] 魏依玲, 工業技術研究院產業經濟與資訊服務中心, 新竹, (2001). [5] W. R. Runyan, T. J Shaffner, “Semiconductor Measurement &Instruments”, The McGraw-Hill Companies Inc. International Editions, (1998). [6] 葉啟清, 劉俊昇, 電子與材料, 8期, (1987). [7] http: // [8] R. A. Young, R.V. Kalin, “Scanning Electron Microscopic Techniques for Characterization of Semiconductor Materials” American Chemical Soc. , Sypm. Series 295, Washington, (1986). [9] J. I. Goldstein, D. E. Newbury, P. Echlin, D. C. Joy, C. Fiori, and E. Lifshin, “Scanning Electron Microscope and X-ray Microanalysis”, Plenum, New York, (1984). [10] D. K. Schroder, John Wiley&Sons Inc. (1990).

This paper discusses the failure analysis and consists of electrical characterization and appearance category on some failed issues of LED chipmaker. According to failed analysis, some issues were following: wire-bonding shift, etching residue of mesa line, chip damage caused by electro-static discharge, and reliability test issue. Nevertheless, the characteristic failure of chip's appearance are different metallic pads, crack line resulted from wafer break and P, N pad of chip upside-down rank. The complained reasons of LED are usually unidentified glue residue on the chip's surface, metallic pad peeling.
The above research, chip that electrical failure caused by leakage current, working voltage and low brightness problems; in addition to appearance issues of chip are metallic pad different color and peeling, cutting badly, displacement and unable to wire-bonding onto the pad. The purpose of thesis is to establish a detailed reference to provide for approach to get analytical result rapidly regarding customer's complaint. Complaint of customer could be reduced to 6 from 27 cases per month by means of quality improvement. Meanwhile, the root cause finding replied to customer side also shrunk to 3.5 from 6 days. The best quality, the best service, the most advanced technology, the most competitive price to the customer is goal for every company.
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