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標題: 高精密長行程定位運動系統之設計研究
A study on the design of long-distance and high-precision motion system
作者: 彭信翰
Han, Peng Hsin
關鍵字: Precision Motion system, Linear Motor, Motion Control;精密運動平台、線性馬達、運動控制
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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隨著產業之多樣化,量測設備之高精度化,要求更高之定位精度,對應如此的需求,高精度及高運動速度之精密定位平台之產生勢在必行。本研究主要目的著重開發長行程(600mm)、高定位精度(±2μm)、高運動速度及高負載能力(50kg)之雙軸運動平台。將只有設計概念之系統訂出設計目標,進而透過設計方法及設計分析將系統由概念具體化,並透過透過有限元素分析法(FEA)將設計最佳化。在平台部份改採用精度較高之線性馬達為線性平台之驅動動力,配合改良之滑軌安裝方式,提升平台組裝之精度。在運動控制部份,配合PMAC 之運動控制器,並使用高精度光學尺進行位置檢測。以雷射干涉儀對運動平台進行運動補償校正,驗證平台最終之定位精度,X 軸在±1.1μm,Y 軸在±1.9μm,兩軸重覆定位精度均達到±1μm 內。在運動平台上安裝1064nm 波長之雷射光源,配合自行開發之操作程式透過精密運動平台實際操作,切割0.12mm 之sus304 之不銹鋼板,驗證本研究在實際運動控制上之精度及穩定度。

An exact orientation table with high precision and high motion velocity is imperative and necessary to accommodate the diversification of the modern industries. This study mainly illustrates the development of dual-axis motion system on the long-distance (600mm), high positioning
precision (±2μm), high speed and high loading capacity (50kg). The designing parameters are optimized through conducting the Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and then the actual system is assembled. We use a great accurate linear motor to drive the tables and a modified installation to
enhance the accuracy of the system. The high precision optical meter and PMAC controller are used to adjust the location during the motion control. The Laser Interferometer calibrates and compensates the motion system, and verifies the final positioning precision, which is about ±1.1μm at X-axis, ±1.9μm at Y-axis, and ±1μm at the both axes precision overlapping. The installed laser light source with the wavelength λ=1064 nm on the
motion system are operated with the self-developed execution software to cut the 0.12mm-thickness sus304 stainless steel. Hence, the stable of the designing system is confirmed and realized.
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