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標題: 部分遮擋孔徑之短脈衝光譜壓縮現象探討
Study on the Spectral Compression of a Short Pulse through a Central-Obstructed Aperture
作者: 李忠憲
Li, Jhong-Sian
關鍵字: spectral compression;光譜壓縮;Central-obstructed aperture;Spectral switch;部分遮蔽孔徑;光開關
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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我們在近場的尺度下探討短脈衝光在部分孔徑遮擋效應下之現象,發現到遮擋的面積增加會減少軸上光譜開關之振盪週期;在遮擋的陰影面上存在著光譜壓縮現象;最後,遮擋面積與Fresnel number 存在著一個關係,當其二者乘積為一奇數,軸上光譜強度分布會有最大值產生;另一方面來說,當其二者乘積為一偶數,軸上光譜會有最小值產生。

Recently there is increasing interests in so called “aperture dispersion”, that is, the spectral changes of a short pulse resulting from the aperture diffraction. It also includes the red or blue shift of the spectrum maximum or the distortion of the incident pulse's spectrum.

With the Fresnel approximation, we investigate the spectral characteristics in the near zone when a short pulse is incident on a central-obstructed aperture. It is shown that, as the area of central obstruction increases, the period of on the axial spectral switches will increase. Also this spectral compression is found behind the shadow of the obstruction. Finally we get the relation between the area of the obstruction and Fresnel number. When the product of there two terms is odd, the maximum spectral intensity can be found. On the other hand, when it's is even, we get the minimum.
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