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標題: 以浸入式曝光具有傾斜反射面之高分子脊樑式波導結構研製
Using immersion lithography for fabricating an inclined reflective face of ridged waveguides in polymer
作者: 吳仲泂
Wu, Chung-Chiung
關鍵字: optical waveguides;光波導;polymer waveguides;light-communication;reflection mirror;波導管;光通訊;反射鏡
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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本論文研究探討利用弗列斯涅(Fresnel Refraction)折射原理進行設計與製作出具備傾斜反射面的高分子波導結構,並量測波導之光傳遞效率。選擇具有成長200μm厚度的二氧化矽之矽晶片作為實驗所需之基板,因為二氧化矽對光具有低本質吸收及低散射性等特質,故可作為所設計之抗反射層;所使用的光阻為JSR THB-120N來作為製作高分子波導的材料,它具有可調折射率、良好的導光性以及良好的熱穩定性等。配合精確的數學計算,得以UV曝射光能夠以45 入射,進而產生45 反射斜邊,並配合二次曝光效果,完成所設計之45 高分子脊梁式波導結構。

This thesis aims to develop an inclined reflective face of polymer waveguides by using Fresnel Refraction principle and measure the efficiency of light-transmitted in polymer waveguides.We using the Si substrate has 200μm thickness SiO because of its low absorbing and scattering, so it could be the anti-reflection layer;it also has well-variable refractive index、well-transmittal and well-heated stability of JSR THB-120N negative photoresist which we choice to be materials to develop the polymer waveguides. By dint of accurately mathematics calculation according to Fresnel Refraction, we could change the exposing angle and make it to fabricate 45 degree ridged polymer waveguides.
其他識別: U0005-2806200710213400
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