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標題: 以UV-LIGA製程製作之梳狀致動器
Fabrication of Comb Drive Microstructures by UV-LIGA Process
作者: 馮智誠
Fong, Chih-Cheng
關鍵字: UV-LIGA;UV-LIGA;Electrodeposition;Sacrificial layer;Electrostatic comb drive;電沉積;犧牲層;靜電式梳狀致動器
出版社: 精密工程學系所
引用: 陳建人,民國92年,微機電系統技術與應用,行政院國家科學委員會精密儀器發展中心出版。 侯勝發,2000,Quasi-LIGA-like 製程研製二維振動式微陀螺儀,國立成功大學,碩士論文。 王大倫 譯,民國86年,實用電鍍學,財團法人徐氏基金會。 陳宗盛,2004,利用電鑄技術製作電壓微噴頭之微小零件,大葉大學,碩士論文。 趙主立,2004,微波元件可變電容梳狀懸浮結構製作,中華大學,碩士論文。 薛定宇,2002,基於MATLAB/Simulink的系統仿真技術與應用,清華大學出版社。 林俊傑,2003,結合渦流感測器之微型開關式磁阻馬達設計、分析與製作,華梵大學,碩士 論文 A. Lumbantobing, and K. Komvopouls, 2005. “Static friction in polysilicon surface micro machines,” Journal of Microelectro Mechanical Systems, vol. 14, pp. 651-633. A. Maner, S. Harsch, and W. Ehrfeld, 1998. “Mass production of microdevices with extreme aspect rations by electroforming,” Plating and finishing., pp. 60-61. A. B. Frazier, and M. G. Allen, 1992. “High aspect ration electroplated microstructures using aphotosensitive polyimde process,” Journal of Microelectro Mechanical Systems, pp. 87-92. D. C. Senft, and M. T. Dugger, 1997. “Friction and wear in surface micromachined tribological test devices,” Proceeding of SPIE, vol. 3224, pp. 31-38. E. W. Becker, W. Ehrfeld, P. Hagmann, A. Maner, and D. Muchmeyer, 1986. “Fabrication of micr- ostructures with high aspect ration and great structural heights by synchrotron radiation lithography, galvanoforming and plastic moulding(LIGA process),” Microelectronic Engineering 4, pp. 35-36. I. H. Hwang,Y. G. Lee, and J. H. Lee, 2006. “A micromachined friction meter for silicon sidewalls with consideration of contact surface shape,” Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, vol. 16, pp. 2475-2481. K. B. Lee, A. P. Pisano, and L. Lin, 2007. “Nonlinear behaviors of a comb drive actuator under electrically induced tensile and compressive stresses,” Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, vol. 17, pp. 557-566. L. T. Romankiw, 1997. “A path: from electroplating through lithographic masks in electronics to LIGA in MEMS,” Electrochimica Acta, vol. 42, No. 20-22, pp. 2985 -3005. L. Saggere, S. Kota, and S. B. Crary, 1994. “A new design for suspension systems of linear microactiators,” Proceedings of the 1994 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition, vol. DSC 55-2, pp. 671-675. G. Lim, J. C. Chang, D. P. Schultz, R. T. Howe, and R. M. White, 1990. “Polysilicon microstructures to characterize static friction,” Proceeing of IEEE Microelectromechanical systems, Napa Vally, CA, pp. 82-88. M. P. de Boer, J. M. Redmond and T. A. Michalske, 1998. “A hinged-pad test structure for sliding friction measurement in micromaching,” Proceeing of SPIE, vol. 3512, pp. 241-250. R. Feynman, 1992. “There is plenty of room at the bottom,” Journal of Microelectromechanical systems, vol.1, pp. 60-66. W. C. Tang, T. C. H. Nguyen, M. W. Judy, and R. T. Howe, 1990. “Electrostatic come drive of lat- eral polysilicon resonators,” Sensors and Actuators A, vol. A21-23, pp. 328- 331. Z. A. Hamid, 1998. “Improving the throwing power of nickel electroplating baths,” Materials Chemistry and Physics, vol. 53, pp. 235-238.
本研究採用 UV-LIGA 製程,取代傳統的矽基微加工製程,利用微影製程與電沉積製程,在玻璃基板上製作出鎳金屬微結構的梳狀致動器,並利用此梳狀致動器來設計一種微結構摩擦力量測的平台,此設計量測平台結構是以擁有V形懸臂樑結構的靜電式梳狀致動器為主體,此V形懸臂樑結構的設計,其目的是希望能取代傳統梳狀致動器的折疊-彎曲懸臂樑,以減少靜電式梳狀致動器容易產生吸附現象的情形。微結構平台的設計包括在兩側提供夾持力的梳狀致動器與在中間受挾持力的梳狀致動器。以 Matlab simulink 軟體模擬在不同摩擦力作用下,此微結構在作動時的行為。

This research uses the UV-LIGA process in place of the traditional Silicon-based micromachining. We use photolithography and electrodeposition to fabricate Ni comb drive microstructures on glass substrates. The thesis also bases on this comb drive to design a kind of friction meter. Electrostatic V-beam comb drives are used to substitute for the conventional folded beam with the expectation that it will reduce the pull-in phenomenon. Two comb drives provide holding force on both sides of the movable microstructures. The study uses Matlab simulink to analyse the effects of different friction forces on the microstructures.
On the fabrication aspect, taking advantage of good adhesion and selectively etching properties between Cu and Ni, we use Cu as sacrificial layer to fabricate the Ni comb drive actuator. Cr/Ti seed layer is also proposed to replace for the conventional Cr/Au seed layer. Two stages electroplating is conducted to improve the roughness of the structure surfaces.
其他識別: U0005-2808200716070900
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