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標題: 底面入光導光板之最佳化光學設計與模擬
Optimization of Optical Design and Simulation for the Bottom-Emitting Light Guide Plate
作者: 柯博喻
Ke, Bo-Yu
關鍵字: Back Light Module;背光模組;LED;Light Guide Plate;Microstructure;發光二極體;導光板;微結構
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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在導光板下表面採用碟形微結構之情況下,搭配一片擴散片與兩片正交擺放之3M ”BEFⅡ 90/50” 增亮膜,發光區域之正視角平均輝度可達到3093(nit),且均齊度達到91.68%。而採用此發光單元之三乘三發光單元群組,其正視角平均輝度亦可達到3128(nit),且輝度均齊度達到92.64%,且最終之整體厚度約為3(mm)。

A new type of extendable bottom-emitting LED light guide plate is proposed and designed in this thesis. With the help of optical design and simulation tool called SPEOS, this new type emitting unit can reach high uniformity and luminance with only 3mm thickness.
The final product can have 91.68% uniformity and 3093 nit luminance with the two BEF film. Also the combined 33 units of large area can also achieve 92.64% uniformity and 3128 nit luminance. It is believed that this thin and high performance bottom-emitting LED light guide unit will have wide applications in the future lighting and LCD backlight module markets.
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