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標題: 應用於微組裝之振動致動之雙穩態機構
作者: 范輝遵
Pham, Huy-Tuan
關鍵字: bistable;雙穩態機構;micromechanism;vibration;微機構;振動
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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A novel method to switch an on-substrate bistable micromechanism is proposed. An external vibration is exploited to switch the micromechanism between its bistable positions. There is no need to build any actuators on substrate with this method. The vibration-actuated bistable micromechanism (VABM) is vibrated by shaking the entire substrate with a piezo actuator. The vibration provides a simple means of switching the VABM. Finite element analyses are utilized to obtain the nonlinear spring stiffness of the VABM and an analytical model is derived in order to analyze its dynamic behavior. Prototypes of the VABM are fabricated using electroforming. A scenario of the VABM for on-substrate fine positioning of micro components is presented.
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