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標題: Synthesis and characterization of carbon nanotubes synthesized over NiO/Na-montmorillonite catalyst and application to a hydrogen peroxide sensor
作者: Hsu, H.L.
Jehng, J.M.
Liu, Y.C.
關鍵字: Carbon nanotubes;Polyol method;Sodium montmorillonite (clay minerals);Hydrogen peroxide sensor;direct electron-transfer;metallic powders;paste electrode;nanocomposites;clay;growth;film;nanoparticles;deposition;mechanism
Project: Materials Chemistry and Physics
期刊/報告no:: Materials Chemistry and Physics, Volume 113, Issue 1, Page(s) 166-171.
In this study. we demonstrate the synthesis of carbon nanotubes (CNTs) on clay mineral layers, and the preparation of hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)) sensor based on CNT/Nafion/Na-montmorillonite (Clay) composite film for the detection of H(2)O(2). The nickel oxide metallic catalyst (NiO) has been prepared by the polyol method and then dispersed onto the clay mineral layers. The CNTs were successfully synthesized over the NiO/Clay catalyst onto clay layers to form a three-dimensional CNT/Clay network by thermal chemical vapor deposition method. From field-emission scanning electron microscope images, the results of X-ray diffraction and Fourier transfer infrared spectra; the layered clay platelets are apparently delaminated and exfoliated after the growth of CNTs onto the surface of clay minerals. The mixed hybrid film of Nafion and CNT/Clay is coated on the glassy carbon electrode to detect hydrogen peroxide (H(2)O(2)). This composite film performs a detection limit of 1.0 X 10(-4) M for H(2)O(2) and the current is linear for H(2)O(2) concentrations from 0.1 to 12.8 mM. Furthermore, the sensitivity of the GCE modified with the CNT/Clay/Nafion hybrid film to H(2)O(2) was calculated to be 1.71 X 10(5) mu AM(-1) cm(-2). Consequently, the CNT/Clay/Nafion medium can probably be a useful electrode for the development of sensors due to its high sensitivity and applicability. (C) 2008 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 0254-0584
DOI: 10.1016/j.matchemphys.2008.07.067
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