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標題: 環型分區梯度變化結構導光板之設計與開發
Optical Design and Development for the Ringed Zonal V-cut Structure of the Light Guide Plate
作者: 鄭武雄
Cheng, Wu-Shiung
關鍵字: Optical simulation;光學模擬;LED Backlight module;inged Zonal;Optical film;LED背光模組;環型;光學模片
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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經由光學模擬軟體SPEOS模擬分析得知,本研究之環型分區梯度變化結構導光板設計確實有效改善了導光板的出光的角度至 ,並且在正視角方向的光強度為傳統背光模組的數倍,以至於能進一步減少光學膜片的使用。同時,本研究也提出此設計之開發方法,並藉由實驗證明以提升此設計在實作上之可行性。

Most of the small and middle sizes of BLM (backlight module) are using edge-emitting way and it consists of a guide light plate and several pieces of optical films. Other films are utilized to make the luminance and uniformity of the front view angle higher and better.
By analyzing the simulation results, we find this new type of light guide plate structure can use less optical films and still has good performance. We also show that this structure can be fabricated and it is believed this technology should be important to the development of thin light guide plate.
其他識別: U0005-3107200811290100
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