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標題: Supercritical carbon dioxide anti-solvent purification of anti-oxidative compounds from Lycium barbarum fruits by using response surface methodology
作者: Chang, Li-Pin
Cheng, Jia-Hui
Hsu, Shih-Lan
Fu, Yun-Ching
Lin, Kuo-Li
Shieh, Chwen- Jen
Zhou, Xi-Qun
Chieh-Ming, J.Chang
關鍵字: Lycium barbarum;Zeaxanthin dipalmitate;Column elution fractionation;Supercritical anti-solvent recrystallization;Anti-hydrogen peroxide oxidation
Project: Separation and Purification Technology, Volume 100, Page(s) 66–73.
This study employed ultrasonic extraction, column elution fractionation and supercritical anti-solvent
(SAS) recrystallization in purifying and in preparing micro-sized particles containing zeaxanthin dipalmitate
(ZDP) from the Lycium barbarum fruits. Column fractionation of the ultrasonic acetone extract coupled
with the SAS process of the ZDP-laden ethyl-acetate solution enhanced the amount of ZDP to
931.5 mg/g in the SAS precipitates (about 64.9% recovery) compared to 72.25 mg/g from the ultrasonic
extract alone. A two-factor experimental design by response surface method showed that feed concentration
and feed flow rate were important for SAS in obtaining the highest purity and the smallest mean size
of the ZDP particles. The purest ZDP compound (98.3%) also led to the proliferation of anti-hydrogen peroxide
oxidation of human adult retinal pigment epithelial cells.
ISSN: 1383-5866
DOI: 10.1016/j.seppur.2012.09.001
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