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標題: Countercurrent flow of supercritical anti-solvent in the production of pure xanthophylls from Nannochloropsis oculata
作者: Cho, Yueh-Cheng
Wang, Yuan-Chuen
Shieh, Chwen-Jen
Lin, Justin Chun-Te
Chieh-Ming, J.Chang
Han, Esther
關鍵字: Zeaxanthin;Column chromatography fractionation;Supercritical anti-solvent precipitation;Submicron-sized particulates
Project: Journal of Chromatography A, Volume 1250, Page(s) 85–91.
This study examined pilot scaled elution chromatography coupled with supercritical anti-solvent precipitation
(using countercurrent flow) in generating zeaxanthin-rich particulates from a micro-algal species.
Ultrasonic agitated acetone extract subjected to column fractionation successfully yielded a fraction containing
349.4 mg/g of zeaxanthin with a recovery of 85%. Subsequently, supercritical anti-solvent (SAS)
precipitation of the column fraction at 150 bar and 343 K produced submicron-sized particulates with
a concentration of 845.5 mg/g of zeaxanthin with a recovery of 90%. Experimental results from a twofactor
response surface method SAS precipitation indicated that purity, mean size and morphology of the
precipitates were significantly affected by the flow type configuration, feed flow rate and injection time.
ISSN: 0021-9673
DOI: 10.1016/j.chroma.2012.04.031
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