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標題: Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of omega-3 oil compounds from Ficus awkeotsang Makino achenes
作者: Cheng, Yang-Jung
Shieh, Chwen-Jen
Wang, Yuan-Chuen
Lai, Shih-Ming
Chieh-Ming, J.Chang
關鍵字: Ficus awkeotsang M. achenes;Linolenic-rich oil;Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction;Response surface methodology
Project: Separation and Purification Technology, Volume 98, page(s) 62–68.
This work investigated the production of linolenic-rich oil from Ficus awkeotsang Makino achenes using
supercritical carbon dioxide extraction. The 16 h Soxhlet n-hexane extraction of these achenes produced
total yield of 12.91% and concentration of 686.3 mg/g of the extracted oil. Supercritical carbon dioxide
extractions were performed with pressures ranged from 325 to 375 bar, temperatures ranged from
323 to 343 K, and solvent to solid ratios ranged from 80 to 160 by using a three-factor experimental
designed response surface methodology. Three responses of total yield (TY), concentration of triglycerides
(CTG) and recovery of triglycerides (RTG) were measured. Under a suitable condition, the values of
TY, CTG, and RTG were 9.24%, 893.5 mg/g and 93.2%, respectively. This study demonstrated that environmental
benign supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of linolenic-rich oil from F. awkeotsang M. achenes
is a feasible and sustainable green process, alternative to traditional organic solvent extraction.
ISSN: 1383-5866
DOI: 10.1016/j.seppur.2012.06.030
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