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標題: Synthesis and photovoltaic properties of two-dimensional conjugated polythiophene derivatives presenting conjugated triphenylamine/thiophene moieties
作者: Wang, Hsing-Ju
Chen, Yuan-Peng
Chen, Yung-Chung
Chen, Chih-Ping
Lee, Rong-Ho
Chan, Li-Hsin
Jeng, Ru-Jong
關鍵字: Polythiophene derivatives;Photovoltaic property;Polymer solar cell
Project: Polymer, Volume 53, Page(s) 4091-4103.
In this study we synthesized three two-dimensional (2-D) polythiophene derivatives (PTs), namely
PTBPTPA, PTStTPA, and PTCNStTPA, featuring three different conjugated unitsdbiphenyl (BP), stilbene
(St), and cyanostilbene (CNSt), respectivelydin the polymer backbones and presenting conjugated triphenylamine/
thiophene (TPATh) moieties on the side chains. In addition, we also synthesized three
conjugated BP-, St-, and CNSt-based main-chain-type conjugated polymers (PTBP, PTSt, and PTCNSt,
respectively). Incorporating the St and CNSt moieties into the polymer backbones and appending TPATh
units induced high degrees of intramolecular charge transfer within the conjugated frameworks of the
polymers, thereby resulting in lower band gap energies and red-shifting of the maximal UVeVis
absorption wavelengths. Moreover, the energy levels of the highest occupied molecular orbitals of the
BP-, St-, and CNSt-based main-chain-type and 2-D PTs were lower than that of P3HT, implying that they
would be applicable for the preparation of polymer solar cells (PSC) with greater open-circuit voltages.
The photovoltaic performances of PSCs fabricated from blends of the 2-D PTs and the fullerene derivative
PC61BM were superior to those of PSCs based on the main-chain-type polymer/PC61BM blends.
ISSN: 0032-3861
DOI: 10.1016/j.polymer.2012.07.010
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