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標題: 以等應力懸臂樑形變方法量測奈微米尺度之金屬薄膜動態及靜態機械行為
Static and dynamic mechanical properties measurement of micro-nano metal thin film using cantilever beam deflection
作者: 陳朋馳
Chen, Peng-Chih
關鍵字: thin film mechanical properties;薄膜材料;paddle;cantilever beam;damping;vibration;anelastic;機械性質;振盪;滯彈性
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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本篇論文介紹一應力均勻分佈之新型微槳型樑結構(Paddle cantilever)作為薄膜材料貼附之載具試片,搭配光學量測方法及力學理論分析運算以萃取黏附在載具試片上薄膜材料機械性質。試件以標準CMOS製程,以嚴謹之製作方法達成試件一致性的目標。研究中以非接觸性的靜電力負載及光學量測設備避免了試件表面及微結構在量測中不受到破壞,同時由於薄膜沉積於槳型樑結構上,故薄膜沉積厚度可由數十奈米至數微米,因此可對奈米尺度薄膜材料進行更深入的探討。
本文對材料在彈性範圍內的機械行為進行研究,並以靜電力驅動後釋放負載,可以觀察到試片會以振盪且振幅逐漸衰減的方式回到負載前的位置,藉此觀察材料滯彈性的彈性後效(elastic aftereffect)行為。

Microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technologies are developing rapidly with increasing study of the design, fabrication and commercialization of microscale systems and devices. Continued growth of Microsystems technologies requires still further miniaturization, with a corresponding need to understand how length scales affect static and dynamic mechanical behavior of all the components. Accurate knowledge on the static and dynamic mechanical behaviors of thin film materials used for MEMS is important for successful design and development of MEMS.
Here, a new technique for studying the mechanical behavior of thin metal films is presented. The test specimen was designed to deposit on a novel triangle shape “paddle” beam in order to provide uniform plane strain distribution. Standard clean room processing was used to prepare the sample. The sample dimensions are 20mm × 20mm, using a silicon substrate. The length of the triangular beam from the fixed end to the free end connected to the paddle plate is 3mm. The area of the paddle plate is 25mm2. The thickness of the silicon wafer is 250μm. The thickness of the cantilever beam is 40μm after etching. Sputter deposition was used to deposit the metal conduct layer onto the bottom surface. The tested thin film on the top surface can then be measured for its static and dynamic mechanical properties.
The measurement system is custom design and the system set-up is design to measure beam deflection by either capacitance or a laser point reflection inside the vacuum chamber. It consists of the position sensor measurement and the deflection electrode. The measurement is made using a capacitance plate mounted on the PC board on top or a laser point reflected from the paddle plate surface into a position sensing detector (PSD).
The static testing on the modulus measurements of Al thin films with different thickness was presented. The dynamic properties of Al thin film were also studied using the dynamic frequency response of the paddle structure generated by electrostatic force under different vacuum pressure were also demonstrated.
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