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標題: 不同粗化形貌對氮化銦鎵發光二極體取光效率及接面溫度特性影響之研究
Effects of various surface texturing on Light Extraction and Relative Junction Temperature of InGaN LEDs
作者: 廖子維
Liao, Tzu-Wei
關鍵字: GaN;氮化鎵;photonic crystal;laser lift-off (LLO);Flip-Chip;光子晶體;雷射剝離技術;覆晶式發光二極體
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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論文主要將雷射剝離(laser lift-off;LLO)與粗化技術應用在覆晶式發光二極體(flip-chip;FC)上以及將光子晶體結構(photonic crystall;PC)製作於n-GaN表面再利用基板轉移技術結合高反射鏡面基板之元件並探討元件特性及製程可行性。其中移除基板後之覆晶式發二極體(thin- film flip-chip;TFFC)討論不具圖形化(Flat)及具圖形化(PSS)基板之元件而基板轉移元件是在n-GaN磊晶膜上製作尺寸450nm、600nm及900nm之光子晶體再行貼合。探討不同結構及不同粗化方式對發光二極體之光功率的表現。最後利用暫態熱阻分析量測儀器探討發光二極體每一層結構所造成的熱阻。
在電流350 mA注入下,光特性方面,光輸出功率方面TFFC-double rough(DR)-Flat-LED較FC-single rough(SR)-Flat-LED 提升36.2%,FC-SR-PSS-LED較TFFC-DR-PSS-LED提升7.4%。Si-450nm-PC-LED、Si-600nm-PC-LED及Si-900nm-PC-LED較Sapphire-SR-LED分別提升28.2%、32.7%及20.2%。電光轉換效率方面,具圖形化基板元件由14.33%提升至20.96%,不具圖形化基板元件由10.83%提升至14.54%,Si-450nm-PC-LED、Si-600nm-PC-LED及Si-900nm-PC-LED提升情形由16.18%分別提升16.38%、20.05%及15.59%。光取出效率方面, 圖形化基板元件由30.69% 提升至41.82%,不具圖形化基板元件由49.81%提昇至53.51%。具Si-450nm-PC-LED、Si-600nm-PC-LED與Si-900nm-PC-LED由51.08%分別提升至65.47%、67.79%與61.39%。

This thesis discussed the effects of laser lift-off (LLO) and surface roughness applicated on flip-chip (FC) and fabricated a device with photonic crystal structure on n-GaN surface combined with high reflectivity mirror. The samples of thin film flip-chip (TFFC) were fabricated on unpatterned (Flat) and patterned substrate (PSS). Fabrication of photonic crystal (PC) structures, with period of 450nm, 600nm, and 900nm, on n-GaN surface were bonded to silicon substrate with aluminum mirror by transparent adhesive layer. Finally, the measurement of each layer thermal resistance was tested with thermal resistance method.
On the leakage current, drove on -5 V, all samples presented less than 1uA performance. On the optical characteristic, a 350 mA current injection to encapsulated TFFC-double rough(DR)-Flat-LED enhanced 36.2% output power as compared with FC-single rough(SR)-Flat-LED, whereas TFFC-DR-PSS-LED increased 7.4% as compared with FC-SR-PSS-LED. Si-450nm-PC-LED, Si-600nm-PC-LED, and Si-900nm-PC-LED increased 28.2%, 32.7%, and 20.2%, as compared with Sapphire-SR-LED.
The power efficiency of FC-SR-Flat-LED, TFFC-DR-Flat-LED, FC-SR-PSS-LED, TFFC-DR-PSS-LED, Sapphire-SR-LED, Si-450 nm-PC-LED, Si-600 nm-PC-LED, and Si-900 nm-PC-LED are 14.33%, 20.96%, 10.83%, 14.54%, 16.18%, 16.38%, 20.05%, and 15.59%, respectively, whereas light extraction efficiency are 30.69%, 41.82%, 49.81%, 53.51%, 51.08%, 65.47%, 67.79% and 61.39%, repectively.
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