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標題: Interdisciplinary research of options theory and management information systems Review, research issues, and suggestions for future research
作者: Wu, L.C.
Wu, L.H.
Wen, Y.F.
關鍵字: Management information systems;Communication technologies;Investments;research-and-development;real-options;investment decisions;risk-management;technology investments;strategic value;valuation;uncertainty;flexibility;perspective
Project: Industrial Management & Data Systems
期刊/報告no:: Industrial Management & Data Systems, Volume 110, Issue 3-4, Page(s) 433-452.
Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to review research on options theory (OT) in the management information systems (MIS) field. Design/methodology/approach - The paper reviews OT and suggests further ways it may be useful for MIS. Findings - The paper explores current global trends and past uses of OT by MIS researchers within a framework. The objective is to broaden discussion of OT in the MIS field, facilitate theory development, close gaps in existing knowledge, and uncover areas where research is needed. It is believed that MIS researchers will benefit from this study. Research limitations/implications - The use of OT in MIS is still young. The discussions, issues, and ideas set forth in this paper should stimulate interest in incorporating OT in the field of MIS. Practical implications - The paper identifies proper application of OT, thus enabling effective development. It seeks to build awareness and. understanding of significant works in the field, providing a diversity of perspectives and approaches to MIS and more specific research of OT. Social implications The paper helps future theorizing and makes research suggestions regarding OT and the MIS field based on past research, thereby forming a potential basis for future research. Originality/value - There has been no systematic literature review of real options in the management field. This paper is the pioneer one to do this.
ISSN: 0263-5577
DOI: 10.1108/02635571011030060
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