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標題: 高亮度LED緊急照明燈設計與分析
Design and Analysis of High Brightness LED Emergency Lighting Lamp
作者: 葉佳原
關鍵字: High Brightness LED Emergency Lighting Lamp;高亮度LED緊急照明燈
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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本論文設計與開發一新型高亮度LED緊急照明燈,當停電時可廣泛地應用在通道照明中。為了改善電力功能,以下幾個項目為改良方式:1. 使用AC啟動電容降壓器能夠提供一個穩定來源之輸入電力且優點為重量輕、體積小、高效率。2. 設計一突波保護器在電路中去警示突波損壞發生。3. 低電壓指示器用來表示需要去充電。4. 當一些LEDs不起作用時,使用LED備用器來維持燈具裝置的照度。

In this thesis, a novel high brightness LED emergency lighting lamp is designed and developed, which can be used widely for the passageway lighting when the electric power is down. For the improvement of electric functions, several items are made as the following. First, the AC starting capacitive voltage transformer is utilized as the input power which can provide a stable source and the advantages of low weight, small volume and high efficiency. Second, a surge protector is installed to beep the circuit from surge damage. Third, a low voltage indicator is used to indicate the need of recharge. Forth, the backup LEDs are used to maintain the illuminance of this device when some LEDs are out of function. For the improvement of optical function, optical design and simulation are employed. Starting from the LED Lamp, the reflector and the outer mask are designed and evaluated for their best performance. With all those above results, a sample is built and tested for its validity. It is found this LED lamp can pass the required specifications and achieve the goals of high efficiency, long life, low power consumption.
其他識別: U0005-2807200914155900
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