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標題: A framework for the selection of Six Sigma projects in services: case studies of banking and health care services in Taiwan
作者: Hsieh, Ying-Jiun
Huang, Lan-Ying
Wang, Chi-Tai
關鍵字: Six Sigma;Services;Project selection
Project: Service Business,Volume 6, page(s) 243–264.
This study develops a framework for effectively implementing service
Six Sigma projects. The framework is composed of four phases: (1) initial project
identification, which deploys candidate projects in accordance with a firm’s strategic
goals, (2) project value assessment, which evaluates project’s value based on
the financial return, cost, and its impact on employee behavior, (3) project complexity
assessment, which examines scope, data availability, and risk associated
with the project, and (4) project prioritization, which identifies Six Sigma projects
and categorizes them into black belt and green belt categories. Two cases in banking
and health care services are discussed to demonstrate the proposed framework.
DOI: 10.1007/s11628-012-0134-1
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