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標題: 以氧化鎵中間層成長氮化鎵磊晶膜之研究
Heteroepitaxial Growth of GaN Using a Ga2O3 Interlayer
作者: 胡子杰
Hu, Tzu-Chieh
關鍵字: gallium oxide;氧化鎵;MOCVD;sacrificial material;SiO2 stripes;有機金屬化學氣相沉積;中間層;二氧化矽條紋
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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為了降低分離基板的時間,我們將氧化鎵中間層表面成長二氧化矽(SiO2)蝕刻走道以增加蝕刻溶液與氧化鎵的接觸面積。從高解析雙晶繞射儀、光激發光光譜圖、掃描式電子顯微鏡與原子力顯微鏡分析結果顯示。直接以氫氣成長氮化鎵磊晶層於氧化鎵中間層,會因為氧化鎵被氫氣破壞完全沒辦法成長單晶結構。另外直接以氮氣成長氮化鎵磊晶層於氧化鎵中間層時,其磊晶品質不佳以其高解析雙晶繞射對稱面(002)半高寬都達到1400 arcsec以上。因此我們再於氫氣環境做二次氮化鎵磊晶成長以改善磊晶品質,高解析雙晶繞射對稱面(002)半高寬可以降低40%以上。以光激發光光譜圖、掃描式電子顯微鏡與原子力顯微鏡分析結果顯示磊晶膜品質在氫氣成長後可以明顯改善於氮氣成長所產生的孔洞。最後我們利用氫氟酸蝕刻氧化鎵中間層成功的分離氮化鎵磊晶膜和藍寶石基板。故可驗證化學蝕刻剝離技術應用於薄膜氮化鎵發光二極體製程之可行性。

This thesis has presented a new sacrificial material, gallium oxide (Ga2O3) for the chemical lift off (CLO) process of GaN epilayers from sapphire substrates. The atmosphere of metal organic vapor chemical deposition (MOCVD) used for growing crystalline GaN on Ga2O3 sacrificial layer was N2 since a serious degradation of Ga2O3 would take place in a H2 ambient at high temperature. To improve the quality of GaN grown with N2 as carrier gas, the GaN was subsequently regrown in a H2 ambient.

In order to increase the lateral etching rate for CLO process conducted with Ga2O3, the SiO2 stripes with a 3-μm-wide, a 400-nm-height, and 3-μm-spacing were deposited on Ga2O3/sapphire in the direction of <11 ¯00>GaN by a combination of plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition, photolithograph and inductively coupled plasma dry etching processes. The growth of GaN epilayer on the Ga2O3 layer with SiO2 stripes was achieved by the two-step selective MOCVD where the first-step was carried out in a N2 ambient and the second-step was conducted in a H2 ambient. The full width at half maximum of rocking curve at (002) plane for the GaN grown by this 2-step selective MOCVD was 40% lower than that for the GaN grown by a conventional MOCVD in a N2 ambient. Meanwhile, the lateral etching rate of Ga2O3 was dramatically improved since these SiO2 stripes provided hydrofluoric acid pathways for getting into the central part of Ga2O3.
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