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標題: 太陽能電池集光板之次波長微結構研究
Optical Design and Simulation of Periodic Subwavelength-Structure for Solar Cell Concentrator
作者: 王俊融
Wang, Chun-Jung
關鍵字: solar cells;太陽能;subwavelength structures;solar spectrum;solar concentrators;次波長微結構;太陽光頻譜;菲涅爾聚光透鏡
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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近年來由於節能環保意識日漸抬頭,綠色能源科技已受到全世界重視,其中以太陽能電池科技更是其中重要的一環,然而目前三五族聚光型太陽能電池雖然在效能上已超過矽基板太陽能電池,但其上方之菲涅爾聚光透鏡仍有(1)介面反射之Fresnel loss(菲涅爾損失)偏高和(2)易堆積灰塵影響集光性兩項缺點。故本論文利用嚴格耦合波理論搭配波動光學設計軟體,對實際太陽能光譜進行加權計算後,獲得一最佳化之次波長表面微結構,其結果證實此一結構可降低反射損失75%以上,並可將水滴接觸角由62°提升至84°,可有效達成集光鏡表面提升穿透率及自我清潔之目的。

The trend of energy saving and environment protection have been very popular and important in recent years. Green energy technology is the key issue of energy strategy and the solar cell energy is one of the super stars among them. So far III-V the compound solar cell has outweighed its solar based opponent, but there are still two problems existed in the Fresnel concentrator needed to be solved. First is the Fresnel loss in the interface of lens is still high, which also affects the performance; and the other is that the aggregation of the dusts which reduces its collection efficiency substantially. In this thesis, a wave optics software utilizing rigorous coupled wave theory is employed to design an optimized subwavelength structure for a weighted solar spectrum. The results show that this structure can reduce the reflection by 75% and increase the contact angle of water from 62 to 84.
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