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標題: 新型薄膜電晶體雷射自動修補機光學設計
Optical Design of Novel Thin Film Transistor (TFT) Auto Laser Repair Equipment
作者: 黃三豪
Huang, San-Hao
關鍵字: TFT-LCD;TFT-LCD;automatic laser repair;lens;spectrometer;自動化雷射修補;鏡頭;光譜儀
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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台灣是全球面板生產代工之翹楚,佔有一席地位。在整體面板業快速蓬勃發展下,對於面板缺陷的後處理而言卻薄弱了些。尤其是當大尺寸面版出現了不良品時,修補檢定技術便顯得彌足重要。因應此需求,國內企業陸續開發出『TFT雷射自動修補機 』,但機台核心「雷射修補系統」的取得,卻一直仰賴美日進口,且價格居高不下。
針對於此,本論文主要貢獻為研發「雷射修補系統」,運用光學原理與軟體,成功模擬內部各別光學元件及整體系統機構,使我國也有自行設計開發之能力。另外,還特別開發出獨創技術「快速影像式光纖光譜儀」附加於「雷射修補系統」上,功能為即時性判斷面板瑕疵材質,此舉可以使得『TFT雷射自動修補機 』的自動化更加完善,減少人為檢測時間及失誤,提高修復良率。

Taiwan plays one of the world''s leading OEM panel production roles. However, in the fast booming panel industry, the ability to handle the defects on panels is not so strong. Especially when panel size gets larger and larger and shows defective symbols, the fixing technique will be of much importance. In response to this demand, the domestic companies are using laser technology to develop “ TFT Auto Laser Repair Equipment ”, but the machine core parts “ laser repair system ” needs being imported from U.S. and Japan, and the price is high.
In light of this, the main contribution of this thesis is to design “ laser repair system ”, with using of optics principle and optics software. We successfully design and simulate the internal optical components and the overall system. Thus our country has built our own design capability. In addition to “ laser repair system ”, a unique technology called “ fast fiber optic ” has been developed, which can be used to judge material defects on panels immediately. When this novel technique is integrated with the auto repair machine, this improved equipment can have the benefits of reducing human inspection errors and enhance the repair yield.
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