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標題: RH精煉爐在不同設計下熱傳與熱應力解構分析
Heat transfer and thermal stress analysis of various design on the RH refinement furnace
作者: 廖億昇
Liao, Yi-Sheng
關鍵字: RH精煉爐;RH refining furnace;熱應力;有限元素法;thermal stress;Finite Element Method
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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Steel industry is one of the country''s most important foundations in the world. There are many steel making method, for example, KR impeller, RH refining furnace. RH refining furnace is a high-flow disturbance and high temperature environment system, which the inlet port possesses high pressure liquid argon driven liquefied steel and the outlet port exits high-temperature liquefied steel to form a circulation. In the scouring process, high shear stress influences on the strength of RH refining furnace structure. In the mean time, thermal stress is caused by 1600℃ liquefied steel. RH refining furnace is high temperature environment and the phenomenon is not easy for the observation. According to RH refining furnace''s original design and various design of RH refining furnace, three-dimensional model of RH refining furnace is constructed, and the flow field simulation analysis thermal stress and shear stress was conducted by ANSYS. Based on the results of various RH refining furnace designs, the best design of the RH refining furnace is chosen to improve its life.
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