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標題: SN490B鋼材的淬火分析
Quenching analysis of SN490B steel
作者: 張沛倫
Chang, Pei-Lun
關鍵字: SN490B鋼材;SN490B steel;淬火熱處理;quenching heat treatment;Scheil’s additive rule
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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This study conducts the research of SN490B steel hardening heat treatment to create the relevant subprogram based on the results of transformation point of heat quenching steel. In this research, the finite element method analysis is carried out by using the ABAQUS software to obtain the simulation results of temperature history, residual stress, and martensite content, and compare the results with the experimental values obtained from the actual operation to analyze the difference.
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