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標題: 側光式LED背光模組熱傳分析
Edge Light LED Backlight Module Heat Transfer Analysis
作者: 童家得
Tung, Chia-Te
關鍵字: 側光式背光模組;edge type LED back light;散熱問題;NSYS;heat problem;ANSYS
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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As the slimming trend in FPD (flat panel display), the developmental concept about back light Unite (BLU) has been changed from direct type to edge type. Although the amount of LED has decreased gradually, it’s necessary to apply higher power LED than before. Due to the centralized heat originating from LED and limited conduction space, the serious heat problem can’t be solved by nature convection. The second problem brought by thermal is decay about luminance and life time of LED. In this article, we try to analyze heat distribution within BLU by software ANSYS and measure the reality by thermal sensors. In order to check the root cause, the simulation result should be confirmed with experience data. After reviewing the rationality of experience data, we try to find to the best solution about heat problem by Taguchi method. In our conclusion, the best solution against the heat problem is based on the limited space And cost and has been published. It is true that thermal could be under control in the edge type LED back light module.
其他識別: U0005-1508201309461300
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