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標題: 含有主動釋放機制的微夾鉗之設計與分析
Design and analysis of a microgripper with an active release mechanism
作者: 林政彥
Lin, Cheng-Yen
關鍵字: 微機電系統;MEMS;電沉積;撓性雙穩態結構;微夾鉗;electrodeposition;compliant bistable mechanism;microgripper
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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A new microgripper integrated with a bistable mechanism is presented to provide a way for motion control of microgripper, where gripping and release are achieved when the bistable mechanism moves forward and backward, respectively. The design parameters are displacement, bistability, and the actuated force. With current applied to the microgripper, the relationship between displacement and the reaction force of the compliant bistable mechanism are investigated.
UV-LIGA process are used for the fabrication of the prototype, We use photolithography and electrodeposition to fabricate Ni microgripper on glass substrates. On the fabrication aspect, taking advantage of good adhesion and selectively etching properties between Ni, Cu and Ti, using Cu as the sacrificial layer to fabricate the Ni microgripper.
In the experimental setup is using of the DC power supply and the permanent magnet to provide electromagnetic force driving the microgripper. With the embedded bistable mechanism, the microgripper actively releases the microobject and requires no power input during holding of microobjects to reduce energy consumption.
其他識別: U0005-1908201311390900
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