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標題: Influence of high-cycle fatigue on the tension stiffening behavior of flexural reinforced lightweight aggregate concrete beams
作者: Chen, How-Ji
Liu, Te-Hung
Tang, Chao-Wei
Tsai, Wen-Po
關鍵字: lightweight aggregate concrete;reinforced concrete beam;high-cycle fatigue;tension stiffening;bond-slip
出版社: Techn0-Press
Project: Structural Engineering and Mechanics, Volume 40, Issue 6, Page(s) 847-866.
The objective of this study was to experimentally investigate the bond-related tension stiffening behavior of flexural reinforced concrete (RC) beams made with lightweight aggregate concrete (LWAC) under various high-cycle fatigue loading conditions. Based on strain measurements of tensile steel in the RC beams, fatigue-induced degradation of tension stiffening effects was evaluated and was, compared to reinforced normal weight concrete (NWC) beams with equal concrete compressive strengths (40 MPa). According to applied load-mean steel strain relationships, the mean steel strain that developed under loading cycles was divided into elastic and plastic strain components. The experimental results showed that, in the high-cycle fatigue regime, the tension stiffening behavior of LWAC beams was different from that of NWC beams; LWAC beams had a lesser reduction in tension stiffening due to a better bond between steel and concrete. This was reflected in the stability of the elastic mean steel strains and in the higher degree of local plasticity that developed at the primary flexural cracks.
ISSN: 1225-4568
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