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標題: Computations of nearshore wave transformation using finite-volume method
作者: Chen, Hong-Bin
Tsai, Ching-Piao
關鍵字: Nearshore wave transformation;Finite-volume method;Mild-slope equation;Predictor–corrector scheme;Time-staggered leapfrog scheme
Project: Applied Ocean Research, Volume 38, page(s) 32–39.
The accurate computation of nearshore wave transformation is a major aspect of the design of coastal
structures and the prediction of nearshore currents and shoreline changes. This paper adopts the finitevolume
method with adequate numerical algorithms for computing the wave transformation based on the
hyperbolic time-dependent mild-slope equations involving wave breaking. Both the predictor–corrector
scheme and the time-staggered leapfrog scheme were employed to discretize the governing equations; their
results were first compared to the analytic solution for wave shoaling over a sloped beach to ascertain their
accuracy. Results presented here using the time-staggered leapfrog scheme showed in better agreementwith
the experimental results. The numerical predictions for wave transmission over an elliptic shoal are then
conducted and compared with the other models, from which the results show that the present model is in
better agreementwith the experimental results than the other numerical models. The successful simulations
are also shown by practical examples including the waves around an offshore breakwater and around two
offshore breakwaters with tombolo topography.
ISSN: 0141-1187
DOI: 10.1016/j.apor.2012.07.001
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