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標題: 氮化鎵/氧化釓與氮化鎵/氧化鈧異質界面結構之第一原理研究
Ab-initio Study of GaN(0001)/Gd2O3(0001) and GaN(0001)/Sc2O3(111) Heterostructures
作者: 廖國成
Liao, Kuo-Cheng
關鍵字: 第一原理計算;first-principles;氮化鎵;界面能;類石墨;GaN;interface energy;graphitic-like
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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本論文係以第一原理(First-principles)密度泛函理論(Density functional theory, DFT)研究烏采結構氮化鎵薄膜異質磊晶成長於六方最密堆積結構氧化釓基板與立方晶系結構氧化鈧基板異質界面之界面能,並透過分析GaN(0001)/Gd2O3(0001)與GaN(0001)/Sc2O3(111)最穩定異質界面模型以研究氮化鎵薄膜在界面處之原子排列。在GaN(0001)/Gd2O3(0001)異質界面之界面能研究中,最穩定界面結構鍵結為N-Gd鍵與Ga-O鍵,且在Ga-rich與O-rich化學氣氛下之Ga-polar GaN磊晶成長在O-terminated Gd2O3上有最低界面能−0.063 eV/A2,而磊晶於氧化釓基板上之氮化鎵在界面處形成類石墨結構,使氮化鎵釋放15%的拉伸應變並形成穩定界面結構成長在氧化釓基板上。在GaN(0001)/Sc2O3(111)異質界面之界面能研究中,GaN(0001)/Sc2O3(111)異質結構在Ga-rich與O-rich化學氣氛環境下,且氮化鎵極性生長方向為Ga-polar GaN生長在O-terminated Sc2O3上之情況有最低界面能−0.159 eV/A2,其界面處鍵結為N-Sc鍵與Ga-O鍵,且氮化鎵原子在界面處排列形成類石墨結構,能有效緩解氮化鎵薄膜與氧化鈧基板之間的7%晶格不匹配,使我們得到高品質氮化鎵磊晶薄膜。

In this work, the heteroepitaxial growths of wurtzite GaN(0001) on hcp Gd2O3(0001) and cubic Sc2O3(111) substrates were studied by doing the first-principles calculations. For Ga-polar GaN grown on O-terminated Gd2O3 under Ga-rich and O-rich ambients, the interface energy of GaN(0001)/Gd2O3(0001) heterojunction would have a minimal value of −0.063 eV/A2 while N−Gd and Ga−O bonds are present in the interface structure. The strain relaxation on heteroepitaxial interface is induced by turning GaN into graphitic-like structure. The other half of this work indicates that GaN(0001)/Sc2O3(111) heterostructure possesses of the lowest energy of −0.159 eV/A2 when Ga-polar GaN is grown on O-terminated Sc2O3 and N−Sc and Ga−O bonds create the interface structure. Like GaN grown on Gd2O3, it’s graphitic-like structure helps in relaxing the interfacial strain as grown on Sc2O3 substrate.
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