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標題: 直流式電磁驅動之可變焦液態透鏡的研究
Research of Variable Focus Liquid Lens Module Using Direct Current Electromagnetic Driving
作者: 李易駿
Lee, Yi-Chun
關鍵字: 可變焦透鏡;variable focus liquid lens;PDMS;薄膜透鏡;電磁驅動;PDMS;membrane lens;electromagnetic driving
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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本研究的目標為開發直流式的電磁驅動可變焦液態透鏡。此可變焦透鏡包含三明治結構與電磁致動裝置,利用金屬雕刻機加工製作三片壓克力,然後再用旋轉塗佈製作出PDMS薄膜之流體腔體。將加工後的三片壓克力夾入PDMS薄膜腔體,注入水於腔體,完成組裝後,以直流電通過電線圈去驅動永久磁鐵,經由腔體內的壓力變化,以改變PDMS透鏡薄膜的曲率以達到變焦的效果。本實驗以直徑3 mm之透鏡作探討,其所能變焦之範圍為28.56~4.83 mm,所需驅動電流為0.25~3A。本研究透過此一直流式的電磁驅動,探索供應電流與焦距改變範圍,並進行結合CMOS影像擷取,證實此研究之實用於變焦透鏡模組。

The research was to develop a variable focus liquid lens module with a direct current electromagnetic driving. The variable focus lens module consists of a sandwich like structure and an electromagnetic driving device. The module was composed by three acrylic plates by milling machine and coated PDMS film as a fluidic chamber. Three acrylic plates were clipped the PDMS membrane and attached two magnets on both sides. After filling DI water in the chamber, the magnets were driven by a direct current coil to control the pressure on the PDMS membrane chamber. The pressure difference may result in the PDMS lens membrane deformation. The focal length can be changed through the pressure difference. The variable focus liquid lens with a 3 mm diameter and the focus length ranged between 28.5~4.8 mm can be driven by the direct current 0.25~3A. This study achieved the DC electromagnetic driving the membrane for variable lens module, investigated the supplied current related to focal length, and combined the CMOS image sensor for a lens system module. It proved the feasibility for variable focus lens module fabrication.
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