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標題: Direct growth of oriented Mg-Fe layered double hydroxide (LDH) on pure Mg substrates and in vitro corrosion and cell adhesion testing of LDH-coated Mg samples
作者: Lin, Jun-Kai
Uan, Jun-Yen
Wu, Chia-Ping
Huang, Her-Hsiung
出版社: The Royal Society of Chemistry
Project: Journal of Materials Chemistry, Volume 21, Page(s) 5011-5020.
This work presents a novel method for directly forming highly-oriented Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH coating on pure Mg samples by treating the sample in pH 5.6 aqueous Fe3+/HCO3 _/CO3 2_ at 50 _C, and then immersing it in pH 9.5 aqueous HCO3 _/CO3 2_ at 50 _C. The former step was performed to yield Mg2+ in aqueous solution at pH 5.6 by corroding the Mg sample. A two-layered thin film was thus formed on the Mg substrate, of which the outer layer (_1 mm-thick) comprised fine platelet-like Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH. The latter treatment in pH 9.5 aqueous HCO3 _/CO3 2_ at 50 _C resulted in the growth of the fine LDH platelets into a strongly-oriented Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH. The chemical formula of the Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH is Mg0.74Fe0.26(OH)2(CO3)0.13$mH2O. The method used herein involves a metal salt-free system, which requires no addition of Mg(NO3)2 and Fe(NO3)3. Several in vitro tests of the Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH coating on a Mg sample were performed. Based on the measured contact angle between the sample surface and human whole blood, the Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH coating can improve the hydrophilicity of a pure Mg surface. According to the results of an in vitro corrosion test in revised simulated body fluid (R-SBF), the Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH coated sample had a much higher corrosion resistance than the pure Mg substrate. The results of in vitro human mesenchymal stem cell adhesion tests showed that the Mg-Fe-CO3 LDH coated sample had a better cell spreading and cell-cell interaction behavior than the pure Mg substrate.
ISSN: 0959-9428
DOI: 10.1039/c0jm03764h
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