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標題: Polymorphic behavior of nylon 6/saponite and nylon 6/Mmontmorillonite nanocomposites
作者: Wu, T.M.
Chen, E.C.
關鍵字: layered silicate nanocomposites;x-ray-scattering;brill transition;polymer;crystallization;state;phase
Project: Polymer Engineering and Science
期刊/報告no:: Polymer Engineering and Science, Volume 42, Issue 6, Page(s) 1141-1150.
X-ray diffraction methods and DSC thermal analysis have been used to investigate the structural change of nylon 6/clay nanocomposites. Nylon 6/clay has prepared by the intercalation of epsilon-caprolactam and then exfoliaton of the layered saponite or montmorillonite by subsequent polymerization. Both X-ray diffraction data and DSC results indicate the presence of polymorphism in nylon 6 and in nylon 6/clay nanocomposites. This polymorphic behavior is dependent on the cooling rate of nylon 6/clay nanocomposites from melt and the content of saponite or montmorillonite in nylon 6/clay nanocomposites. The quenching from the melt induces the crystallization into the gamma crystalline form. The addition of clay increases the crystallization rate of the alpha crystalline form at lower saponite content and promotes the heterophase nucleation of gamma crystalline form at higher saponite or montmorillonite content. The effect of thermal treatment on the crystalline structure of nylon 6/clay nanocomposites in the range between Tg and Tm is also discussed.
ISSN: 0032-3888
DOI: 10.1002/pen.11018
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