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標題: 透明材料厚度與折射率之Mach-Zehnder干涉儀量測系統開發
Development of the Mach-Zehnder interferometer system for measuring the thickness and refractive index of transparent material
作者: 余英代
Yu, Ying-Tai
關鍵字: 干涉儀;interferometers;馬赫-曾德爾干涉儀(Mach-Zehnder interferometer);射率量測;透明物質厚度檢測;Mach-Zehnder interferometer;the refractive index of the measurement;the transparent material thickness detecting
出版社: 精密工程學系所
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在現今量測需求日亦求精的年代,不論是精密加工機械抑或是光學組件之組裝製造,皆需要更準、更精之量測方式,尤其在光學組件方面於製造時其各項重要參數量測如:折射率(n)、厚度、熱 係 數 (thermal coefficients)、化學特性、熱膨脹係數等。以鏡頭廠而言,厚度與折射率測定為主要關鍵,以往皆使用昂貴之或是一般接觸式量測來測量光學組件厚度,一般接觸式量測已無法應付,光學量測則以非接觸式應勢崛起,光學量測又具有非接觸性、非破壞性、量測精準等優勢。
本研究首次以Mach-Zehnder 干涉儀為基礎建,提出利用液體升降造成干涉條紋變化進行厚度量測,再搭配旋轉角度關係即可測得折射率,對於透明材質之精密性質量測有相當之貢獻。本系統具有價格低廉、量測精準、誤差範圍小之優勢。

People are chasing better manufacturing in precision processing machinery and optical components. It needs more accurate and exact method to measure some quanties, especially in parameter measurements of optical components. For example, there are the refractive index(n), thickness, thermal coefficients¸ property of chemical, and thermal expansion coefficient...etc. For len manufacturing, thickness and the refractive index are very important. It used to use expensive or normal contacting method to measure the thickness of optical components, but now they can not offer enough precision requiked. Optical measurement has the strength in non-contacting, non-destruction, and precise measurement. Mach-Zehnder interferometer is this study''s base. It uses the change of interference stripes to process thickness measure by liquid level lifting. It can also give index of refraction by rotating the material. This method contributs to the measurement of transparent material and it has advantages low price, pricise measurement, and low tolerance.
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