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標題: Inconel 690 alloy crystal growth orientation under different vibration waveforms
作者: Kuo, C.W.
Chen, M.C.
Chen, J.H.
Lai, G.H.
Chang, Y.T.
Chen, Y.C.
Wu, W.
關鍵字: crystal structure;vibration;X-ray diffraction;solidification;Inconel;690 alloy
Project: Materials Transactions
期刊/報告no:: Materials Transactions, Volume 48, Issue 9, Page(s) 2316-2318.
The crystal growth orientation of Inconel 690 alloy solidified under the application of additional kinetic energy was studied. By using an eccentric-mass electric motor for transmitting the kinetic energy to a melting pool, liquid atoms attained kinetic energy that enabled them to strike the solid-liquid interface during solidification. Due to unequal upper and lower amplitudes of the waveform, three types of states of the applied kinetic energy were discussed: (1) the kinetic energy required for the attachment of an atom is greater than that for detachment, (2) the kinetic energy for attachment is less than that for detachment, and (3) the kinetic energy for attachment is equal to that for detachment. The results reveal that unequal kinetic energies for attachment and detachment will encourage epitaxial growth in the (100) direction. Only when the kinetic energies for atom's attachment and detachment are equal will the degree of epitaxial growth in the (100) direction will decrease.
ISSN: 1345-9678
DOI: 10.2320/matertrans.MB200719
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