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標題: Microstructural Evolution and Examination of alpha'-Martensite during a Multi-Pass Dissimilar Stainless Steel GTAW Process
作者: Hsieh, C.C.
Lin, D.Y.
Wu, W.
關鍵字: fusion zone;heat-affected zone;recrystallization;alpha'-martensite;Kaltenhauser equation;strain-induced martensite;precipitation behavior;sigma-phase;transformation;deformation;alloy;welds
Project: Metals and Materials International
期刊/報告no:: Metals and Materials International, Volume 14, Issue 5, Page(s) 643-648.
This study discusses the microstructural evolution and examination of alpha'-martensite in fusion zones and heat-affected zones under multi-pass dissimilar stainless steels welding. The morphology, quantity, grain size, and chemical composition of the alpha'-martensite and delta-ferrite were analyzed using optical microscopy (OM), an image analyzer (IA), a ferritscope (FS), field emission scanning electron microscopy (FESEM), energy dispersive spectrometry (EDS), respectively. Recrystallization induced grain refinement of (alpha'-martensite in overlapping heat-affected zones (HAZ(1 -> 2) and HAZ(2 -> 3)) after the second and third pass of welding. The Cr-eq, Ni-eq, and K-factor values were calculated in an elemental analysis according to the Kaltenhauser equation. The higher Ni-eq (8.0-9.26) and lower K-factor (7.73-9.50) were examined for alpha'-martensite in the second pass fusion zone (FZ-2) as opposed to delta-ferrite. Comparatively, the a-ferrite indicated higher Cr,, (22.30-22.91) and K-factor (15.72-16.68) values.
ISSN: 1598-9623
DOI: 10.3365/met.mat.2008.10.643
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