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標題: A low-voltage band-gap reference circuit with second-order analyses
作者: Liang, Chao-Jui
Chung, Chiu-Chiao
Lin, Hongchin
關鍵字: low-voltage;band-gap reference;sub-threshold current;voltage variation;second-order analysis
出版社: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
Project: International Journal of Circuit Theory and Applications, Volume 39, Issue 12, Page(s) 1199-1304.
A new band-gap reference (BGR) circuit employing sub-threshold current is proposed for low-voltage operations. By employing the fraction of VBE and the sub-threshold current source, the proposed BGR circuit with chip area of 0.029mm2 was fabricated in the standard 0.18 m CMOS triple-well technology. It generates reference voltage of 170mV with power consumption of 2.4 W at supply voltage of 1V. The agreement between simulation and measurement shows that the variations of reference voltage are 1.3mV for temperatures from −20 to 100◦C, and 1.1mV per volt for supply voltage from 0.95 to 2.5V, respectively.
ISSN: 0098-9886
DOI: 10.1002/cta.699
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