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標題: A multilevel read and verifying scheme for Bi-NAND flash memories
作者: Chung, C.C.
Lin, H.
Lin, Y.T.
關鍵字: multilevel;Bi-NAND;flash memory;negative programmed threshold;voltage;mismatch;read verifying;dichotomous;speed
Project: Ieee Journal of Solid-State Circuits
期刊/報告no:: Ieee Journal of Solid-State Circuits, Volume 42, Issue 5, Page(s) 1180-1188.
A multilevel sensing and read verifying circuit is proposed for Bi-NAND (Buried bit-line NAND) type flash memories. The Bi-NAND technology employs the negative programmed threshold voltage to facilitate the multilevel storage with lower program/erase bias and programming disturbance. The sensing circuit utilizes an advanced cross-coupled sense amplifier to achieve excellent immunity against mismatch effect and reduction of power consumption. As well, it acts as data latch during multilevel sensing and verifying operations. By comparing to the conventional and simultaneous verifying circuits, the proposed scheme with dichotomous architecture simplifies the verifying circuit and speeds up verification process for multilevel operation. By adding only one latch and a pair of switches, the circuit can be,easily expanded for one more bit per cell.
ISSN: 0018-9200
DOI: 10.1109/jssc.2007.894822
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