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標題: A novel micro-positioning controller for piezoelectric actuators
作者: Liu, V.T.
Lin, C.L.
Huang, H.C.
Jian, Z.J.
關鍵字: piezoceramic actuators;hysteresis
Project: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences
期刊/報告no:: Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, Volume 344, Page(s) 450-455.
The main purpose of this study is to design a tracking controller for a dual-axes piezoelectric actuated platform. First, a Preisach model is used to numerically describe the hysteresis behavior of piezoelectric actuators. Next, on the basis of the Preisach model, a feed-forward controller is developed to compensate for the hysteresis nonlinearity. Then, a PID controller is introduced to further suppress the tracking error due to the modeling inaccuracy and hence to get precision tracking control. We utilize evolution algorithm to choose three optimality control gain for PID controller. The dual-axes motion control problem for the piezoelectric actuated platform is also investigated. A neural-net based decoupling control scheme is proposed to eliminate the contour error which is typical in dual-axes tracking control problem. The developed approaches are numerically and experimentally verified which demonstrate performance and applicability of the proposed designs under a variety of operating conditions.
ISSN: 0170-8643
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