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標題: Fast Algorithm and Low-Cost Hardware-Sharing Design of Multiple Integer Transforms for VC-1
作者: Fan, C.P.
Su, G.A.
關鍵字: Fast algorithm;hardware share;multiple integer transforms;video;coding;Windows Media Video 9 (WMV9/VC-1)
Project: Ieee Transactions on Circuits and Systems Ii-Express Briefs
期刊/報告no:: Ieee Transactions on Circuits and Systems Ii-Express Briefs, Volume 56, Issue 10, Page(s) 788-792.
In this brief, the fast 1-D multiple integer transforms of Windows Media Video 9 (WMV-9/VC-1) are proposed by matrix decompositions, additions, and row/column permutations. Then, the proposed fast 1-D integer transforms are hardware shared, and they can be applied to the 2-D transform scheme. The hardware costs of the proposed fast 1-D and 2-D integer transform designs are smaller than those of the previous individual designs without shares. With the hardware share, the proposed architecture is suitable for the low-cost implementation of the VC-1 codec.
ISSN: 1549-7747
DOI: 10.1109/tcsii.2009.2030366
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