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標題: Implementation of synchronization for 2x2 MIMO WLAN system
作者: Lin, H.L.
Chang, R.C.
Lin, K.H.
Hsu, C.C.
關鍵字: MIMO;synchronization;wireless LAN;CORDIC;CSIO;design
Project: Ieee Transactions on Consumer Electronics
期刊/報告no:: Ieee Transactions on Consumer Electronics, Volume 52, Issue 3, Page(s) 766-773.
This work presents a novel synchronization architecture for a 2 x 2 MIMO OFDM WLAN system. A new CORDIC-based Sinusoidal Iterative Oscillator architecture is also implemented to recover the carrier frequency. The proposed design mainly enhances the traditional digital oscillator, which is a CORDIC-based architecture, and which is adopted at each accumulated phase. Compared to the iterative CORDIC computation, the proposed CORDIC-based Sinusoidal Iterative Oscillator architecture operates the CORDIC only once.. Moreover, the timing controller negotiates these two antenna input signals, and gates the useless signal to lower the power consumption. The proposed architecture with high precision is simulated and emulated by 0.18 mu m 1P6M CMOS technology and FPGA respectively.
ISSN: 0098-3063
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