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標題: Differential thermal sensitivity between the recipient ooplasm and the donor nucleus in Holstein and Taiwan native yellow cattle
作者: Shen, P.C.
Lee, J.W.
Cheng, W.T.K.
Su, H.Y.
Lee, S.N.
Liu, B.T.
Wang, C.H.
Chen, L.R.
Ju, J.C.
關鍵字: Heat stress;Thermotolerance;Somatic cell nucleus transfer;Taiwan;native yellow cattle;Holstein;heat-shock;bovine oocytes;bos-taurus;cloned calves;xenomitochondrial;cybrids;somatic-cells;embryos;adult;cows;expression
Project: Theriogenology
期刊/報告no:: Theriogenology, Volume 74, Issue 9, Page(s) 1587-1595.
The objective of this study was to compare thermal sensitivity of recipient ooplasm and donor nucleus from Holstein and Taiwan native yellow (TY) cows Oocytes and cumulus cells from each breed were incubated at 43 degrees C (heat shock) or 38 5 degrees C (control) for 1 h prior to nucleus transplantation Reconstructed embryos cloned by transfer of non-heated Holstein donor cells to heat shocked Holstein ooplasm (Ho(+)-Hd(-)) had a lower (P < 0 05) blastocyst rate than those cloned from non-heated Holstein ooplasm receiving heated (Ho(-)-Hd(+)) or non-heated (Ho(-)-Hd(-)) Holstein donor cells (11 3 vs 34 3 or 368%) Heat shocked donor cells from either Holstein or TY cows did not significantly affect blastocyst rates of reconstructed embryos produced from Holstein ooplasm (30 6-32 9%) In contrast blastocyst rates of reconstructed embryos generated with heat shocked Holstein ooplasm were lower (P < 0 05) than that with heat shocked TY ooplasm (11 2 vs 45 2%) Without heat shock embryos reconstructed by transferring donor cells to ooplasm of Holstein or TY cows had similar (P > 0 05) blastocyst rates (28 9-33 3%) Transplantation of reconstructed embryos (n = 30) to recipients (n = 23) resulted in three live calves derived from embryos cloned with TY ooplasm and donor nuclei from either Holstein (n = 2) or TY cows (n = 1) In conclusion, ooplasm of TY cattle was more resistant to heat stress than that derived from Holsteins, therefore ooplasm may be a major determinant for thermal sensitivity in bovine oocytes and embryos (C) 2010 Elsevier Inc All rights reserved
ISSN: 0093-691X
DOI: 10.1016/j.theriogenology.2010.06.029
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